Dandelion Blowing
There is an old saying that our future lies in our young people. While writing my previous articles, I’ve been wondering what our future might be as the news seems to suggest that our youth are completely confused. Children are taught at school that they should even question their gender and that everyone can choose what gender they are. California is debating a gender-neutral shopping bill that would allow retailers and online stores to be fined if they put toys and clothes for boys and girls in separate sections.

According to an American survey, one in six people under the age of 23 claim to be something other than heterosexual. The poll was conducted among 15,000 Americans over the age of 18 and found that of those who identified as LGBTQ, 54.6% said they were bisexual, 24.5% said they were gay and 11.7% said they were lesbian. 11.3% said they were transgender, while 3.3% said they preferred to use another term, such as ‘queer’ to describe their sexual identity. However, the news continues: of the 15 000 people surveyed, 86.7% said they were heterosexual and 7.6% did not answer questions on sexual orientation.

The question arises, is this news an attempt to distort people’s perceptions of reality? Is it a deliberate attempt to highlight the position of marginal minorities? Is it a manifestation of the dictatorship of minorities or what? Even the alternative media is engaged in this kind of reporting. The factual truth is that the vast majority, over 90%, are heterosexual and reproductive women and men. A small minority, 5.7% of respondents, said they belonged to an LGBTQ group.

Those in power are trying to shape people’s perception of reality and impose their liberal values (which do not tolerate wrong opinions) on people. In practice, it means excluding people who cherish traditional values (morals) and national traditions and roots. I can’t participate in public debates in the daily newspapers either, which is one of the reasons why I started this blog.

In this way, those in power try to strengthen their own position, but the effect is the opposite: those who want to divide and rule make themselves redundant. It was clearly seen when the social media giants started censoring/shutting down nationalists, even Trump’s accounts. In a short time, new publishing platforms were launched to give nationalists a voice. Traditional monopolies made themselves redundant.

The European Union is trying to define what is European and in line with Community standards. This has led to the fact that only 30% of Russians now consider themselves European, i.e. supportive of EU and globalist values. In other words, the proportion of Russians who do not consider themselves European is constantly growing: 52% in 2008, 63% in 2019 and 70% in 2021. I believe the trend is the same in Poland and Hungary, which are holding on to their spiritual values and national identity.

This tells the same story as developments in Russia. The Bolsheviks killed the Russian Tsar at the beginning of the last century. After the Communists took power in Russia, the Soviet Union, a Marxist state ruled by the Communist Party (1922-1991), was born. Churches were destroyed and Russians were raised for 70 years in atheism. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, only 6% of the population considered themselves secular atheists.

Generational Development

Generation timeline
It seems that we are being led to believe that the human internal compass/navigator has broken down. However, neutral research shows that in the wake of the destructive side-effects of liberal, pluralist democracy, the post-World War II generations have become increasingly conservative (more stoic, my own remark). Matthew Goodwin and Roger Eatwell have written a book National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy (2018) on this study.

Only 17% of baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964 said they were conservative by the age of 18. 22% of 18-year-olds in Generation X (1965-1980) considered themselves conservative. The next generation, millennials (1981-1996), 23% of 18-year-olds were conservatives. Today’s young Generation Z (born 1997-2012) is the first generation to have lived in both the virtual and real worlds since childhood. 30% of this generation of young people considered themselves conservative at 18. The youngest Alfa generation born after 2012 is likely to follow in the footsteps of its parents. Many young people today are more conservative than their parents.

The World’s Prevailing Bias

Conservatives are considered outdated because they cherish traditional values (home, religion and homeland) and are usually deeply religious. They are on the right of the political map and are accused of fascism, intolerance and authoritarianism that oppresses others. Hitler’s Germany was an ultra-conservative country, built on and strongly defending traditional values. That’s why it was defeated. Hitler (and Mussolini) were made the embodiment of fascism and all evil. Since the Second World War, conservatives (i.e. nationalists and traditional moral concepts) have been under attack all over the world.

National Socialist Germany (Nazism) is now synonymous with fascism. Even the alternative media, which defend traditional values, spread images that are based on false perceptions and fostered by the official truth. But we cannot move forward as human beings if we do not come to terms with our past. In our so-called open society, the Second World War, for example, is still a taboo subject on which you are not allowed to express false opinions.

For conservative values, home and home country seem as natural as all people having their own mother tongue. They are our roots, but they are not crucial to our life and survival. On the contrary: To survive, some people are better off leaving their home country and learning a foreign language.

When we think of religiosity, it creates an image of religious dogma. For me, this has been like a red muleta. I have never wanted to believe anything simply because some authority tells me to. I have chosen to form my opinion on the basis of facts, trusting my own perception and sense of form and common sense. I have not considered myself a religious person, but a spiritual person.

However, an examination of the etymology of the terms religion and religious reveals that the image associated with doctrines of religions only emerged in the era of expedition, when cultural studies required more precise terminology. Originally, the word religion meant a life bound by monastic promises. The monastic vows were born out of the conviction that life is guided by a divine power.

More generally, in Latin, the word religionem (nominative religio) referred to broad social obligations towards anything. It has had meanings such as respect for the sacred, respect for the gods, conscientiousness, sense of justice, moral obligation, etc. In other words, everything that forms our moral backbone and what we now consider spiritual. From the beginning, religion and religiosity have been precisely about spirituality.

Author G.K.Chesterton said: “When a man stops believing in God he doesn’t then believe in nothing, he believes anything.” The Russian writer Aleksander Solzhenitsyn clearly expressed the mindset of the secular atheist in the phrase: “The Russian (Soviet) intelligentsia talks one thing, thinks another, does a third.” The same mentality prevails today in secularised Western democracies, which have no common point of reference.

Essence of Humanity

In my previous article, I wrote that our social life today is in many respects like the house-building of fools. In this analogy, a house is another person. When the builders had finished the house, they noticed that there were no windows. To correct the situation, they started to carry daylight from outside the house into the dark house with sacks. That’s what empathetic people do. We try to enlighten each other by focusing on the outside world, hoping that the light of reason will come on. Everyone is expected to reinvent the cycle.

A person who does not conform to the norms of society will, at worst, use all his creative powers to make excuses for why he cannot use common sense. He fights against society and even uses criminal means to succeed. There are endless reasons for our own failure, from structural discrimination to the white supremacy of mathematics. However, people are ultimately not held back by external circumstances, but the belief that it happens. Victim mentality becomes a self-fulfilling vicious circle of failure. Man creates his own reality, for better or worse.

The New World Order

The young generation’s have observed the dilemma of lack of a common point of reference. Generation Z is not just the first generation to have lived in both the virtual and real worlds since childhood. Younger generations are also making yoga, meditation and mindfulness mainstream. It is easy for them to understand the quantum physics view of an intelligent, divine energy field and their part in it. Older generations, who still cherish the patriarchal concept of God, regard the notion of a divine energy field as impersonal. But nothing is more personal than direct contact with God in the intellectual energy field.

It is easy for young people to “Think constantly of the world as one living being with one essence and one soul (Logos, logic, common sense, intuition, Holy Spirit, own remark); how everything is absorbed in the one consciousness of this being; how all its activities are directed by one aspiration; how everything together is the cause of everything that happens; how everything is spun and woven together.” (Marcus Aurelius, Meditations).

Wikipedia says that the Stoics taught that “misfortune and evil are the result of ignorance. If someone behaves badly, it is because he is ignorant of the universal order within himself, and if he is unhappy, it is because he has forgotten how naturally everything works in reality.”

Eckhart Tolle describes the human being as a room, the essence of which is not the objects and external essence of the room, but the space formed by the walls. This space is what for the Stoics is the ether of reason, the primordial fire or Logos (God). Man can only open the windows of his house (turn on the light of reason) by himself, for the essence of nature is free will.

No matter how passionately those in power set their own agendas for the future and promote their own position, young people themselves are consciously creating their own reality. They may simply decide that we are not wasting our lives paying for the debt (money games) of previous generations. They can create their own currency, the value of which grows exponentially with people’s spiritual development and well-being.

Just as wireless communication and mobile phones have made many devices and widgets obsolete, young people can tap into infinite, clean, wireless energy. With artificial intelligence, they can build a decentralised, self-regulating virtual world of the internet, which cannot be manipulated by corrupt governments, where there are no language barriers and where everyone can feel like citizens of the world. Artificial Intelligence can act as a good shepherd that helps everyone to tap into God’s frequency. The technology is already there, just the implementation is missing.

People group and classify each other into different categories according to their respective reference groups, interests, actions, plans, etc. “There are many of us on many trains,” they say. In reality, however, there are only two kinds of people: those who live consciously under the guidance of their inner navigator, God, deliberately creating their reality, and those who are caught up in the currents and react to events in the outside world. We have power over our minds, not over external events. When we understand this, we find the power.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference.


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几年前,我的一个朋友送了我一块冰箱帖,上面写着:”我是如此美妙,也许我必须被法律禁止”。 当时这种想法听起来只是觉得有趣,但在我多年来一直关注对人类的攻击和诉讼,现在这段文字以全新的面貌出现。令人难以置信的是,著名的、有影响力的人竟然为流氓辩护,而不是站在希望进行建设性合作的人的立场上。

黑人的命也是命(Black Lives Matter)运动被提名为今年的诺贝尔和平奖。许多人–包括我自己–认为 BLM 运动和反法西斯是国内恐怖主义。 用他们自己的话说,我们的统治者正在打击国内恐怖主义。然而,他们似乎对绿色左翼 (GreenLeft)的恐怖主义完全视而不见,这表明社会上普遍存在着双重标准。









周末,我看了 Tuomas Malinen(GnS Economics 的 CEO,经济学兼职教授)关于全球经济形势和“世界的复兴”对世界经济的潜在影响的采访。在视频中,他概述了对某些条件下可能发生的预测。他说,我们的经济和货币体系早就崩溃了,但现在是通过人为的监管来维持,例如,银行不能让无力继续经营的公司(僵尸公司)破产。

Tuomas Malinen 谈到了民主(自由)的狭长走廊,关于这一点,达隆·阿齐默鲁(Daron Acemoglu)和 詹姆斯·罗宾逊(James A. Robinson)在 2019 年写了一本书叫《狭长的走廊》。按照书中的说法,只有在国家足够强大,并被强大的社会所控制的前提下,民主才有保障。我没有读过这本书,不知道书中的细节是如何介绍的。我在这里按我的想法介绍一下。国家与公民是一样的,一个强大的国家(社会)是公民和决策者具有常识(公民技能)来维护自己和他人的自由(民主)。这是一个很容易理解的等式,因为每个人当然知道自己的自由需要什么。保证自己的自由,就是要维护他人的自由。实现他人的自由,就要求我们在别人行使其合法权利时,不要阻挠他们。

Tuomas Malinen, Sami Miettinen 和其他许多人所描绘的一个可能的极权主义、法西斯主义社会的景象是非常暗淡的。这是因为他们对极权主义和法西斯主义的看法是消极的,主要基于独裁者压迫人民的行动。然而,关于极权主义和法西斯主义,有(至少)两种观点:与其说是专制,不如说是一种文明的独裁,在这种独裁中,决策者确保每个人都有一个良好的工作环境和发展成为最好的自己的机会。


你可以认为这是一种失去自由的感觉,我在 19 岁的时候就失去了说话的能力,身体严重残疾。这是否阻碍了我实现自己呢?不,相反,身体上的限制帮助我专注于我认为重要的事情。我甚至不想把注意力放在我不能做或内心没有冲动的事情上。

当尼克·武伊契奇(Nick Vujicic)的父母生下一个没有手和腿脚不全的孩子时,他们并没有将他残缺的身体能力与那些能够完全自由发挥身体能力的孩子进行比较。他们告诉儿子,他们不知道他能做什么。以这种态度,尼克·武伊契奇一生所取得的成就比所谓的自由人多得无可比拟。

生活在自己世界里的自闭症患者 Carly Fleishmann 开始通过电脑与人进行书面交流,尽管没有人教她写字。上世纪 80 年代,我读过一本由 Shirlee Monty 写的书,叫《May’s Boy》,书中讲述了智障人士 Leslie Lemke,他早年一直没有什么能力。在接受了适当的刺激后,他的养父母有一天晚上醒来,听到 Leslie 在钢琴上流利地弹奏前一天晚上在电视上听到的柴可夫斯基的《第一钢琴协奏曲》。此后,Leslie 只要听过一次,就能演奏任何乐曲。他能掌握所有的音乐流派。他在会说话之前就会唱歌了。



然而,我们的实际工作是接受我们与生俱来的内在力量。冰人 Wim Hof 并没有成长或发展他的免疫力,所以注入他血管的病原体不会使他生病。他是通过让他的身体与他内在的振动频率保持一致来获得免疫力的。




当我观看 Tuomas Malinen 关于世界经济的视频时,我感到惊讶的是,Youtube 上载有财务报告的页面中包含了一位芬兰泰坦尼克号幸存者 Anna Turja 在 1974 年的采访。我很惊讶地在财务报告之间看到了一段关于泰坦尼克号沉没的视频,而这段视频与经济一点关系都没有。我一时兴起,看了这段视频,当我在一个网站上读到 Anne Turja 的故事时,发现了她拍摄的泰坦尼克号沉没的照片。





共振 – 伟大的神圣力量


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距离我发表《内在引导下的繁荣》一文已经过去了一年,在这篇文章中,我决定今后不再把精力分给那些日渐疯狂的政治波折,而是专注于精神的成长和康复。这一决定产生了强大的影响。前二十年,我在 Youtube 上被推荐的几乎都是关于政治性的另类媒体的介绍和采访。

在决定专注于灵性成长之后,我的 Youtube 页面只显示了涉及迷走神经的视频。我有一种类似于 2012 年开始写这个博客时的感觉,当我觉得只要我想好了,决定自己想要什么的时候,我觉得一切都像奇迹一样出现在我面前。我把这段经历写在我的文章《飞跃在即的先尝》中。



维姆·霍夫 (Wim Hof) – 精神冰人

关于迷走神经的视频中最令人印象深刻的信息是,虽然它调节(平衡)自主神经系统的功能,但它可以像肌肉一样被训练。训练这块肌肉最明显的例子是荷兰人维姆·霍夫 (Wim Hof),也被称为冰人。他是最明显的例子,因为维姆·霍夫在他的表演中一直是各种体检的对象。所以,没有人可以争辩说(他的)身体里发生的事情是不可能的,因为一切都可以借助现代科技来测量。

在冰冷元素的帮助下,维姆·霍夫已经能够与自己的身体建立起一种关系,他能够用这种关系来应对任何压力。他没有任何行动方案可供支配,但他的老师是他的身体。当他学会在冰冷的水中控制呼吸时,他对寒冷的耐受能力增强了。但这还不是全部:他还能憋气 5-7 分钟。



维姆·霍夫的冰雪之路相当极端。然而,这让我想起了我在 80 年代初所遵循的冷热交替淋浴程序。洗澡时,我用冷水和热(温)水交替地喷洒自己。这感觉很好,但我不明白我的习惯的深层含义,所以在某些时候它退出了。然而,当我有了神奇的体验时,我还是遵循了它,我在情商的作用一文中描述了这一点。


回首过去的一年,有很多美好的事情发生。 仿佛在我做出了专注于精神成长和康复的决定后,好像我身体的智力细胞高兴地叫了起来:”终于! 我们被听到了。这里有这样的问题….这里这样的问题…” 所有压抑的问题都出来了。决定后不到一个月,我就知道自己得了肾癌。切除肾脏对我的康复也有影响:我认为与我的瘫痪有关的拉伤和肌肉痉挛有所缓解。我的恢复期给我的日常生活带来了很多东西,让我的生活变得更轻松,有助于我的康复。虽然我现在还在感受手术对身体的影响,但 12 月初,我在 AlterG 跑步机上以每小时 2.2 公里的速度走路,比一年前快了 100%。


一周前,我看到视频《吸引力法则:事实还是虚构?》 视频的作者从科学的角度处理问题,结果整个视频不过是一个可悲的尝试,试图证明吸引力法则是一个骗局,由于它的邪教性质,对一些人来说,它是一个向受骗者收钱的机器。

我想到了以色列的一位远见卓识者尤瓦尔·诺瓦·赫拉利 (Yuval Noah Harari),他认为智人的大脑活动是一种生物算法,可以用计算机网络或微芯片来代替。赫拉利还认为,人与动物最重要的区别在于想象力,即处理抽象事物的能力。要求科学客观的人往往认为,抽象思维的能力有助于人类区分事实和虚构。然而,在哈拉里的视野中,想象力对人类最重要的价值是能够编造出可信的故事,并让大家相信。通过这种方式,权力精英可以让大众遵循他们制定的规则和准则。


然而,有一些科学家正在利用新的研究方法和科学成果,对物理世界和非物理世界进行研究。我最熟悉的是格雷格·布莱登(Gregg Braden),他的研究结合了古老的精神传统、新技术和科研成果。我在下面链接了一系列格雷格·布莱登的科学讲座,其中他从达尔文的进化论开始,剪掉了我们一生盲目相信的(官方)故事的翅膀。



当今世界上有很多编造的故事,我们不知道该相信什么了。这些故事开始限制我们的生活。新冠病毒让生活在还没有完全停止的地方停了下来,反法和 BLM 活动家已经在他们周围播下了混乱的种子,随机的伊斯兰主义者也是如此。美国的选举舞弊向全世界展示了美国的民主是多么的薄弱,我们还在以为美国是什么民主自由的国家。



欧盟国家每年因逃税损失超过 8000 亿。意大利是逃税率最高的国家。芬兰征收了 90% 以上的公民税。税收规则宽松的国家,很难收取 50%。损失是由认真工作国家收集的,因为没有对他们的声援。因为欺骗傻瓜很容易。


第一次世界大战后,德国陷入了困境,希特勒上台后,他大胆地为德国人创造了一种与人民劳动力挂钩的独立货币。就这样,他成功地在 5 到 10 年内雇佣了 700 万失业者。此外,德国也在政治的各个领域成为世界的领头羊。




问题是可以解决的。混乱中也有秩序的种子。最重要的是要认识到,解决办法在于我们自己,在于我们的内心。等待政治家和当权者来解决我们的问题是没有用的。 他们最大的问题是编造可信的故事,让人们相信这些故事,以便他们能够维持自己的权力。

人类在自己之外创造了神的形象,并试图将自己的创造融入这个有限的框架中。我们把神看成是一个外在的存在,我们对他来说是卑微的。然而,伟大的神力是我们内在的力量。我们是宇宙起源能量的一部分。只有天空才是我们的极限。例如,尼克·武伊契奇(Nick Vujicic)就表明了这一点,他出生时没有手脚,却为自己和家人创造了美好的生活。又或者是生来没有双臂的女人,灵魂舞者 Sabine Becker,她的技能都在脚上。或者是 Carly Fleischmann,一个用内心的声音说话的自闭症女性。

就像 Carly 一样,我们可以在任何时候进行精神上的脱欧,而不需要征得任何人的同意。我们可以从物质世界的条件思维模式和顺应规则中解脱出来,开始创造我们想要的符合我们需求的现实。



你点万千大炜火把照明无底深度,黄泉邪恶力被你堂皇驱逐 。宇宙空间充满光辉支柱,你造的金黄河流流动无数太阳系之间,其之内星只是微小点滴。
我是生存的一连接: 一个共同物质和圣灵的连接。我从物质升起,努力于上等。我是奴隶又是王,虫又神。可是这不是我甘心,而是自你和你之内。
你是我造物主,因此我生存以你慧心为基础。 你的爱德算我生命,你的亮光算我照明。我从你出生,故尔我不朽的。我穿永恒映照过死亡川流,因为这是你决心。
哦,这个永久希望,这个无限可能性。自我变通不可名状的。克爱希求和敬拜。克达到完美无缺的程度 – 这是那么奇异,那么了不起,这令我心头流喜悦的眼泪。




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在黑人性命攸关维权分子和反法西斯主义分子,无政府主义者和这个世界上其他的恐怖分子造成了混乱,并粉碎了一切的时候,很高兴我将自己的时间花在了医院里,在那里合作发展到了顶峰。医院的环境等级森严,每个参与者都有自己明确的职责范围。当我欣赏医生和护士之间的团队合作时,我注意到我的医院经历与 40 年前相比是多么的不同。

我的态度很积极,我觉得每个人都在努力帮助我。清晰的等级制度帮助我了解全局,进而帮助我与他人合作。40 年前,医院,医生和护士对我是一个威胁,而我一直处于防御状态。我每天都期待着能得到有关我身体出了什么问题的消息。当我选择如何应对坏消息时,这种消极态度变成了积极态度。但是,如果从一开始就以积极的眼光看待一切,那么我的经历将会更加愉快。




医院的环境有着严格的等级制度,另一方面,无政府主义者和恐怖分子对有组织的信息社会的攻击使我看到了合作的重要性。在我看来,攻击并摧毁一个等级信息社会的结构,就像堂吉诃德(Don Quixote)对抗风车一样,因为等级制度是知识的一个特征。这在计算机和计算机网络的运行中最为明显,文件和记录通常需要相互之间保持清晰的顺序,以便程序和网络正常运行。每个人都知道,如果一个文件被意外地移动到一个错误的文件夹,或者文件夹的层次结构不合逻辑,那么一个外行要在电脑上找到这个他们需要的文件是多么的困难。













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