The Coup of the Cuckoo Chick

Cuckoo and foster nest

What is the cuckoo chick doing in a little bird’s nest?


The video I have linked below this text shows how the cuckoo leaves the rearing of its own offspring to the little birds. First, the cuckoo lays eggs in the nest of a little bird. Once hatched, the cuckoo chick drops other eggs and chicks (of the original nest-builder) from the nest, making itself the breeder’s focal point. The cuckoo chick without feathers and with its eyes still closed seems to quite consciously relying on its instinct to eliminate all its competitors until it is alone in the nest. I had heard stories like this before I saw the video and they sounded horrible. But it looks even more horrific when you see it with your own eyes.

We tend to look to nature for inspiration and think that being natural is the right thing to do. But nature is very cruel in many ways. It’s not just about the behaviour of a cuckoo chick and the fact that the cuckoo (and many others) doesn’t seem to have any natural nurturing instinct at all. Just as grotesque as the cuckoo chick’s actions are those of many stork parents when they pick one of the (weakest?) chicks and literally peck (torture) it to death. Yet humans are blamed for the extinction of animal species and many people believe that humans are the root of all evil.

Man’s impact on the Earth is so total that it is fair to say that man is not only the king of animals, but the whole of creation. According to the Bible, God put man in control of all life on earth. So man has the power and freedom to control life. As God’s servants, we have a duty to protect and develop God’s creation.

Man has done his job well. Human rights, the rights of children and other special groups, and the rights of animals are protected by law. Today, animal rights are more or less guaranteed. But humans have no legal protection unless you can afford to pay the ‘mafia’ bosses, the powers that be. But even then, your rights are not necessarily guaranteed. It is as if people have painted themselves into a corner with all the legislation. In most cases, the law is applied completely arbitrarily. While the law is supposed to maintain common-sense of an organised society, it protects criminals and ensures that they are not held accountable for their actions.

Who would protect man from man when timid and humble humans don’t even want to see that a race of humans with the mentality of the cuckoo chick, the ‘god’s chosen’, have thrown their rivals out of the nest? They continue the grotesque action of the cuckoo chick by imprisoning or eliminating the messengers.

Today, however, everyone can see for themselves that this ‘chosen people of g-d’ is a giant cuckoo in our living room. It is not interested in competing with the great ideas and personalities of our intellectual world. For these parasites, intellectual activity is just a political tool which they use as a means of breaking the mental and spiritual backbone of the peoples they seek to rule. For example Karl Marx distorted the German concept of socialism as a natural order of life based on compassion, and turned it into a dictatorship of the ‘proletariat’ run by Jewish oligarchs.

It is easier to get people to believe lies than to get them to admit that the lies they believe to be true are lies. This is surely because acknowledging one’s own fallacy requires the ability to see the fallacy of one’s own logic. It is difficult to admit that your world view is based on false assumptions. 77 years ago, this led to all the useful idiots of the world uniting to defeat Hitler’s National Socialist Germany, which was trying to drive out the exploiting ‘cuckoo chick’, the world parasite.

Earth’s Defence Forces

Today we see where this (defeat of National Socialist Germany) has led. Almost all societies in the world are rotted by this parasite. Humanity is in a desperate situation as the ‘cuckoo chick’ has started to push other people out of the nest and reserves for himself the right to decide life and death. What means do people have left to protect life when no laws, international treaties or reason will work against the cuckoo chicks and their henchmen? Humans have enormous power within themselves, but is it any good if the laws and practices of the outside world are completely against nature?

I have been thinking about this dilemma for some time. Whenever I hear some gullible politicians talk about international laws and treaties I feel as if they are digging the ground under their feet and watering down all their good intentions. There is no point in talking about rules and agreements to those who believe that agreements are only binding on the other party, not on themselves.

A couple of days ago, while browsing the web, I came across a website,, which helped me to get a fuller picture of what has happened since the Second World War. It started with the idea of whether Adolf Hitler committed suicide after the war. For me, this has always been completely unbelievable. Adolf Hitler’s speeches evoke in me the same sense of determination that I felt as a child when standing in the yard of my foster home after my mother’s death. I swore to myself that no power in the world could make me surrender as my parents had surrendered or had been simply forced to give up. (I wrote about this in my text Mother in Memoriam.)

In my own experience, this determination does not even consider defeat as an option. For Adolf Hitler, defeat was not an option. I believe he felt in his bones and in his core the threat of the satanic force that had taken hold of the whole world. 19.4.1945 Hitler expressed his position on the surrender demands: “Since 1943, I have been trying without interruption to bring about peace, but the Allies do not want it and have demanded unconditional surrender from the start. My personal fate is of course irrelevant, but it is clear to any sensible person that I cannot accept the unconditional surrender of the German people. Even now, the negotiations are still ongoing, but I no longer believe they will succeed. That is why we must overcome this crisis at all costs, so that the decisive weapons can still bring us victory.”

Hitler’s words echo in my ears: “They can oppress us and subjugate us and even kill us, but we will not surrender.” (Sie können uns unterdrücken, Sie können uns meinetwegen töten, aber kapitulieren werden wir nicht). It has been a mystery to me how the struggle has continued after the total destruction. That’s exactly what answered. The Second World War continued as a hybrid war. As we know, there has never been a peace treaty since the Second World War. We are at war and people are seeing more and more clearly, a battle of the spirits in the world, which is causing the collapse of structures that sustain our societies.

Antarktika NeuschwabenlandThe submarine fleet of National Socialist Germany was second to none. The German Defence Forces had made a plan-B for defeat and built a base, invincible fortress in Antarctica (Neuschwabenland). The last resort was to move the defence there. After the defeat, war was waged invisibly; not with traditional weapons and negotiations, but purely by thwarting the belligerent aspirations of the other side. Some people refer to these Earth Defence Forces as Q (Anon). Others talk about a galactic federation. All the same, the invisible army is a continuation of Hitler’s armed forces.


To be continued…


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Cuckoo chick coup

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