My New Website is Live!

I launched my new website, even though it’s just the basics, it doesn’t work on mobile devices and I haven’t translated all the texts yet. Application designers also have the opportunity to learn from users’ mistakes, which will help them to develop even more intuitive systems. It is good to live in hope. I will write an article later on my own experience of making a website.

I do not yet have a clear idea of what I will write on the site, but one thing is for sure: I want to approach life from a whole new perspective. It’s about connecting the dots, putting together the puzzle of life. I’m not thinking about what motivates people to act the way they do, or what kind of parasitic structures exist in our society. For me, the most important thing is my own actions. I want to focus my energy so that everyone benefits from it in the best possible way.

I have added Spanish to my language mix. I don’t know Spanish at all, but I hope that something will stick to me when I do automatic translations.

The website’s address is:


Glow in the Darkness