Job Vacancy: Are you my personal assistant?


Become my Personal Assistant?

I am looking for an assistant who, in addition to the basic everyday assistance (110h/month), would also be a partner of my company (HANZI Translation Service), either as a light entrepreneur or within the framework of his/her company. The basic salary (10,35 €/h) is paid by the City of Helsinki. In addition, a hard-working and motivated assistant has the possibility to increase his/her monthly income according to his/her ability, depending on how well we manage to generate income through my blog. I myself have some ideas on how to develop the blog to generate money. However, things have remained at the level of thought, as spiritual growth has been more important to me than financial gain.

The blog theme/topic is not yet very popular, but the need for content on 5D consciousness is growing. My blogs do pioneering work in this regard. One sign of the growing interest of people is the development of the Galactic Federation YouTube channel, launched in 2018, which in January this year had around 11,000 subscribers. At the moment (in August) there are 40.5 thousand subscribers. My blog has had at best around 11 000 unique visitors per month worldwide, despite censorship. The need for content that promotes spiritual growth is huge.

If you are interested in taking on the job, please send me a free application, including your own skills and ideas for developing the blog for financial benefit.

Sirkka Hänninen
sirkka.hanninen [at]


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