Von der Raupe zum Schmetterling

One of Abraham’s most powerful teachings is when they talk about people’s tendency to get stuck in what’s happening and what they are observing.  We try to see our sensory perception from as many points of view as possible, but by doing so, we usually focus on the problem at hand, although we could focus on solving the problem. Many people regard it as a merit that we keep our feet firmly on the ground and „face the realities as they are“. This kind of thinking slows down our development, because by focusing on what we see, we create nothing new. The Law of Attraction provides us with what our thoughts are focused on, so today’s realities will be repeated in the future.

In Abraham’s view, people should let go of their tendency to simply react to what is happening and let things carry themselves, as if they had no control over things themselves. Instead of being reactive, we should be proactive and start consciously creating our own reality. The saying „facing realities as they are“ can be seen from many viewpoints. What matters most in interpreting things is what we want to believe in and focus our attention on. We ourselves can create our realities.

In one video, Abraham tells a story of a woman complaining that she is very sad since her lover left her. Abraham explained to the woman that she is not sad, because her lover left her. The woman had found the best of herself during the relationship with that partner, and when the partner left, she yearned for him instead of being herself. This attitude activated in her completely opposite emotions and qualities than she had enjoyed during the relationship. When we say that spouses take pieces of us with them this happens only, if we allow it to happen.

I no longer have this kind of relationship problems. However, while in the hospital, I turned my attention to a different kind of reality that has kept me in its grip for the last decades. It’s about my bladder problems, or an overactive bladder. In the last decades I have allowed my symptoms in many respects to determine my life. I have thought that I just have to live with that problem and that has practically meant that I have not seized my opportunities. I have not participated in festivities and countless times I have not gone to a friend’s summer cottage, because participation without enjoyment was not appealing.  Even when I go outdoors I choose my route so that I always know where the toilets are. This has meant that I have not gone to the actual outdoor routes at all.

My situation has not been too depressing for me, because my overall condition has been satisfying. In any case, it has been more rewarding to be immersed in my various projects at the computer. They have often taken all my time, 12 hours a day. Going to the shop has been my only outdoor activity.

However, in recent years, nature has become increasingly attractive to me and I really want to go out and enjoy my time. But how could this suddenly be possible now?  The answer to this problem came as naturally as the nurses put a diaper on me in the hospital. I was glad that I was able to enjoy my time for once without the need to think about going to the toilet.

Prejudice Blocking Our Thinking

As I enjoyed the new feeling of freedom caused by the diaper I recalled those times, when I had been somewhat confused when watching various royal, political or religious ceremonies on television that follow a strict etiquette and often last many hours, such as the Pope’s Easter Mass. Subconsciously I have always been pondering the question of how people control their bladder in these events. I realized that certainly many have a diaper on. Like many professional workers, who must be fully prepared and operational for hours without the opportunity to go to the toilet or where going to the toilet could endanger the entire ongoing operation. Not to mention sports and competition enthusiasts, who want to focus on what they are doing. Diaper allows an uninterrupted night’s sleep for a person, who would otherwise have to go to the bathroom several times a night.

When you consider the freedom that diapers allow, it is strange that diapers are perceived as a care item for babies, the elderly, and the sick. It is common sense that diapers should be seen as neutral as women’s sanitary napkins. I have not been stuck by these stigmatizing thoughts in relation to diapers, but by my own thought that I will not bath my butt in a wet diaper. In the hospital I noticed that diapers are super absorbent, and they never feel uncomfortably wet. While reviewing the adult diaper supply online, I noticed that the most absorbent diapers can hold more than four liters of pee.

In the future, I won’t let my symptoms limit my activities at all. I will focus on, how I can make the most of the freedom I have discovered. Diaper pants on and off we go!


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The beginning of the year was surreal. I was in a hospital for examination and initially I had to spend one night there. The next day, however, the doctors wanted to do another procedure, which meant that I had to stay in the hospital for two nights.

The first night in the hospital had been such a pain: the hard bed pressed on my hip bones, it was so narrow that I couldn’t even turn my side, my roommate snored (earplugs helped a bit) and I had headache. The thought of another night under the same circumstances seemed intolerable.

I felt a strong inner urge to meditate to form a clear picture of my situation so I could speak my mind. I did not want to depend solely on doctors‘ opinions concerning my health. „How can I focus my thoughts and meditate here in the patient room, where the nurses do their work non-stop and my roommate has constantly visitors,“ I asked myself. My assistant found one bluetooth earpiece in her bag. It was better than nothing.

In the evening, I listened to meditation music on Youtube on my mobile phone to calm my mind. I had an earpiece in one ear and an earplug in the other. The roommate’s conversation faded into the background. After two hours, the earpiece was out of power. Now what?

I switched the music video to another and left it quietly playing on my bedside table to focus my thoughts. Soon the music started to play in my ears as loud as if I had earphones. I thought maybe I should lower the volume so my roommate wouldn’t be disturbed.

As I focused my thoughts on music, it took me straight to the good-feeling place, where I wanted to be. I was like a laughing Buddha. I didn’t think of anything. I fell deeper and deeper into my well-being. I have everything I need: a loving heart and trillions of perfect body cells. It was one of the most appreciative and loving moments I have experienced. I had diaper on and I was very happy to be able to enjoy my time for once without having to think about toilet visits.

Occasionally my roommate’s conversation stopped altogether and there was peace all around. Only the music was playing in the background. After the evening tea, the nurses changed my diaper, I brushed my teeth and went to bed. Before falling asleep, I tried to put my insights on my health in a verbal form. At night my roommate didn’t snore or at least I didn’t hear it. I slept like a log until morning. In the morning, I was able to clearly present my point of view to the doctors, considering my overall situation.

Body Cleansing In Meditation

I had come home from the hospital the previous evening. The next day I was dizzy and so tired I couldn’t even think of anything. My body was filled with foreign substances injected into my veins during the examinations, such as anesthetics and contrast agents and God knows what. I went to bed after lunch and when I woke up in the late afternoon I was very happy. I could hardly wait to meditate and listen (and watch) to the music video on my television.

I listened to the whole three hour music video. At the end of the video I lifted my cloak at the whim of the moment. My thighs and upper front body were filled with red-white spots, as if I had some kind of a pox disease. „I’m allergic to meditation,“ my ego said. However, I had inner knowledge that my body was undergoing major cleaning. I became a confirmation of this when I noticed that unlike earlier in the day, my urine was very cloudy and dirty looking.

The next day, I meditated on the same 528 Hz music for seven hours. I wanted to immerse myself into the good feeling. Within hours, I noticed that the skin eruption on my body was spreading. In the evening, the thighs and the front of the torso were completely red. The skin was slightly swollen, as in burns. However, the skin felt normal except a slight feeling of heat when I touched the skin.

My body seemed to have removed foreign substances from my body on an accelerated process. I had cloudy, blood-stained urine that seemed to have bloody pieces of mucosa in it. I was feeling relieved and happy. When I saw the hospital examination papers on my desk, they seemed to be someone else’s papers.

Intelligence of Our Bodies

I write in my article Gods Temple in My Heart that the divine part in us is like an old water well, hidden deep in a forest, whose lid is under moss, leaves and brushwood. The decaying layers of the lid are ballast of the ego, and once we have cleared access to the well, we have a direct connection to the fountain of life, which is our intuitive mind.

This all is magnificent, wonderful and delightful. However, the divine side within us is not limited to our hearts. Our whole body is a temple of God. It consists of tens of trillions of cells that are intelligent beings. They have a direct connection to the source energy, which is the breeding ground for all things. They operate under the Law of Attraction, know their function, and know exactly what they need to accomplish their task. So they have the ability to maintain body health and good condition, if they have a constant connection to the source energy.

However, this is often not the case, as most people live at the level of ego consciousness. Everything is based on liberty and free will and the cells of the body are „at the mercy“ of the ego as to whether they have a connection to source energy. Cells do not automatically maintain body condition and health. Our egos think they know everything better than our intuitive minds or intelligent cells, so they are subordinate to ego’s thoughts, perceptions and beliefs. The cells can only function within the limits set by the ego.

However, we can consciously break the vicious circle created by the ego. When we quiet the resistant thoughts and confused mind of the ego in meditation, our energy begins to vibrate with our intuitive mind at the same frequency, the cells are connected to the source energy and can fulfil their original purpose.

They remove metabolic waste and foreign substances from our bodies, break down foreign elements into atoms and flush them down the drain and maintain our health and physical condition. It is only a question of allowing it to happen.


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Be the change you wish to see in the world.


Esther Hicks channels a collective consciousness that she calls Abraham. It guides humanity in the non-physical world in eternity we call heaven. Abraham says that before being born into physical bodies in this finite world of time and place, humans are eternal spirit beings in the non-physical world, which is pure positive energy. There is no contrast, so humans are born into physical bodies and, through their own creation on earth, influence the expansion of the universe, clarifying its consciousness.

When born into physical bodies, humans retain their non-physical energy body, which lives under the Law of Attraction. In that way we have a connection with the non-physical world. This connection is our Inner Being, which is the divine side within us. Its essence is love and it is the highest vibrational frequency that knows our personal spiritual path thoroughly. Whenever the contrasts we encounter in our lives cause us to set personal preferences and goals for things, our Inner Being affiliates with them and collects all the corresponding and cooperative components in our energy stream that Abraham calls the Vortex. In this way, our Inner Being possesses everything we can ever desire or hope for. The realization of things is entirely dependent on the relationship we have with the divine side of ourselves, that is, whether our ego is a co-operative partner of our Inner Being.

In addition to the divine side, we have the consciousness of our physical body, that is ego consciousness. Abraham says that people should by no means demonize the ego. It plays an important role alongside the Inner Being. Ego’s job is to sift and sort things according to his own experience and use the emotional guidance system to determine what a person wants and doesn’t want in each situation, and what they want to focus on. Abraham emphasizes that the non-physical world also benefits from human life experiences in their physical bodies and from the spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness caused by those experiences. The spiritual and material worlds are inextricably intertwined with each other.

Negative emotions are a sign that our Inner Being disagrees with our ego, that is, our energy is divided. We feel sad, if we cherish in our minds an image of ourselves or something else that does not correspond to the image of our Inner Being on the same subject. If our energy is split, the Law of Attraction responds to us as vaguely as the energy we radiate. In order to find the truth and most powerfully accomplish what our ego wants, we must tune in to the vibrational frequency of our Inner Being.

Tapping Into Our Power

Abraham says that being aligned with our Inner Being is a natural state of existence. Abraham compares this state to a cork of a bottle, whose natural state is to float on the surface of water. However, human energy usually vibrates at different frequency than that of our Inner Being, so we keep the cork under the water.

The ego has important function to explore the contrasts of the physical world through the five sense organs and to show personal preferences, but the attraction (gravity) of the world holds human mind captive in the world that can be observed with the sense organs. We are not able to rise above time and place, and our thoughts are conditioned to the situation at hand. We define ourselves according to situations and events.

Abraham says that people’s resistance to align with their Inner Being and tap into their true power is incredible. He compares people’s attitude to the divine side in themselves to a situation where someone wants to build a swimming pool in their backyard. The contractor suggests that we can dig the hole by using a digging machine or a teaspoon. In this analogy the digging machine is our Inner Being and the teaspoon is ego’s creative power. Most people find it very difficult to make a spiritual decision between their divine side and the ego, so people continue digging their pools with a teaspoon.

People are conditioned to think that achieving gains requires hard work, struggle and sacrifice. However, it is very easy to break free from the vicious circle of conditional thinking and sceptical mind. It does not matter to our Inner Being, how much bad karma we have accumulated on us. All that matters is what we decide to do now.

All people have to do is to decide that they want to serve their Inner Being. We can accomplish this by starting our day with meditation, when we shut down ego’s conditional thinking and sceptical mind for 15 minutes. This emptying of the mind alone causes our energy to rise and align with our Inner Being. When we are able to maintain the high vibrational frequency of our energy, we see things and events through the eyes of love, for love is the very essence of our Inner Being.

Quieting the voice of ego is the starting point for meditation, but not all thoughts are ego thoughts. Abraham says that people should learn to distinguish when their ego thinks and when they receive a thought. When we receive a thought, it is a message from our Inner Being. The clearest thing that separates messages from the Inner Being from thoughts of the ego’s is that they are not verbal. They are rather impulses and images in mind.

When I write these blog posts I have always wanted to leave ego’s voice out of them. I wanted to focus on what comes from my heart. I feel as if I am constantly fishing at the fountain of life. There is always a fishing line in the water that I follow. Sometimes I just have the feeling that an image of something is raising to my mind. I may not even know what is it all about. As I calmly reel up the fishing line in all peace, things get clear in my mind and after that my job is to put my thoughts in verbal form.

Faith and Desire to Believe

When I listened to Abraham’s teachings it has gradually become clear to me, what happened to me during the weekend at Christmas 1983, when I came to faith, so to speak. I tell about this in my article Temple of God in My Heart. I was visiting my brother and pricked up my ears when listening to his burning confessions about his insights on the Bible.

He said that the Gospel message is as simple as when you get a notification from a post office, that you have a parcel waiting to be picked up: you receive it only when you believe that the notification is real. This truth blew my mind. It was crystal clear: we get what we believe in. This insight immediately aligned me with my Inner Being. It completely changed my attitude towards myself and other people. I no longer thought about negative things. Where I used to see danger and threat, which I had to protect myself from, I saw people, who were more or less, lost in their lives. I had a strong feeling that constructive co-operation with other people would not only better my own situation, but in that way, I could have an impact on other people’s lives as well.

Abraham says that it is important that we always do what we want and cherish positive emotions and act under the guidance of our Inner Being to achieve our goals. In September 2012, I wrote in an article that rather than wanting things, we should focus on what we need. At the turn of this year I had an experience that taught me, why we should listen to what we want.

Last summer I found in a net shop an adorable dress that was just my style. Perfect for me. However, I didn’t order the dress right away and as the months went by I watched the dress online and always thought: I don’t need it now … I don’t need it now … I don’t need it now … By Christmas my size was sold out. There was a size available that was too big for me. However, I thought I could sew it to fit me.

I ordered the dress and within 24 hours I received an email that large sizes were sold out as well. My ego immediately started scolding and blaming me of ruining my opportunity to get the perfect garment by waiting too long. I was annoyed. Why doesn’t the universe deliver me what I want! However, I could still see myself wearing that dress. “It has to mean something”, I thought and followed an impulse to go and see something else on the website. I asked myself, why do I have to look for something else when the dress I ordered is the only thing I want. I thought that there may be something I don’t understand.

I went to the site and opened a page that showed all of the New Year’s sale items. I was browsing through them and when I reached the third page I knew, why I had come to the site „looking for something else“. There was a picture of the dress I wanted as a maxi version. I had seen it several months earlier, but thinking about toilet visits I thought it was impractical. That’s why I wanted an above-knee version of the dress. Now I thought that I could wear the long model, if I sew a slit behind it, if it doesn’t have one already. If I wanted to, I could shorten the dress and I would have plenty of beautiful fabric to make another nice garment.

I immediately sent a message to the customer service saying that I wanted a long model of the dress that was no more available. It was available in my size. It was a bit more expensive than the short model and I asked where could I pay the difference.

The next morning when I woke up, I had in my mind a picture of myself wearing a dress I had ordered. When I opened my phone, I received a message from the customer service with a link and instructions on how to pay the price difference. I was rejoicing with my Inner Being that I had been a cooperative component and was able to guide things on the right track.


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Fabricated Reality versus Common Sense and Truth

Last spring, I read about an interview on a site where James Wickstrom, an American radio presenter, interviews Rabbi Abe Finkelstein on Judaism. Someone had made a word-for-word report of it. The interview was appalling and insane without parallel. When my own life is determined with common sense, it is difficult to imagine the intentional wickedness and destruction that Rabbi Finkelstein brings up in the interview. For the first time in my life, I thought seriously that maybe the Jews are indeed God’s chosen people. However, they are not the chosen ones in the sense that they imagine themselves to be.  They reveal the wisdom of the world, which is an abomination to God. The most powerful message of the interview is the idea presented in Romans 1:22: “Though claiming to be wise, they became fools.”

I was quite surprised to find that interview on Youtube because the videos criticizing Jews disappear from Youtube pretty quickly. I thought that it has to be there for a reason, because it had kept its place since April 2017. The deeper I dug into the video, the stronger I felt that the interview was not so much about Jews and Zionists and their conspiracy against humanity, but about the non-Jewish white race that Finkelstein calls Goyim-cattle. They are Jewish (Zionist) underlings and errand boys (useful idiots), who are ready to act against the interests of their own countries and communities.

I read discussions about Rabbi Finkelstein and people said that he is a fictitious person. Many Jews say that all the prejudices of anti-Semitic people since the Middle Ages have been collected in that interview and it should not be taken seriously. However, if the facts of the interview are quite correct, as has been proven, how can you dismiss the interview with a shrug?

Israeli historian and visionary Yuval Noah Harari, who enjoys great popularity among Jews (Zionists), says that the most important attribute of man is imagination and his ability to invent credible stories and make other people believe in them. When Yuval Harari talks about imaginative, plausible stories, he is by no means talking about harmless white lies that people invent to save their skin in more or less trivial everyday disputes. He speaks of systematic misrepresentation of the truth in purpose of advancing one’s own goals. These include e.g. warmongering False-Flag provocations. So this is not about harmless storytelling but, at worst, outright terrorism.

The Jews (Zionists) want their own world, just as Islamists want to establish a caliphate in honor of Allah. I read from a source that this was the reason why the Jews (Zionists) killed Jesus: They wanted their own kingdom, but Jesus only had the kingdom of God to offer. Finkelstein boasts that the Jews (Zionists) can do what they want and they are not held accountable for their actions, because whites are cowards. Whites do not, and cannot, do anything to stop Zionist efforts to conquer the world. The Jewish (Zionist) books (Talmud) state that they will take over the world! The tale of the white race is over. That’s why Finkelstein speaks so openly about the Jewish agenda that everyone would face the facts as facts.

These efforts to conquer the world began in the days of Columbus. According to Finkelstein, Columbus was a Jew, who began to seek new places to live after the Jews (Zionists) had been kicked out from Spain in 1492. It is said that Columbus began colonialism and imperialism, which is still in practice. Today, imperialism is no longer called imperialism. It has a new name, globalism, which is used to justify intervention in the policies of sovereign states and depriving them of their assets and natural resources.

Finkelstein says that of all the organizations founded by the gentiles, churches were the first to be taken over by Jews (Zionists). They started with infiltration into the Catholic Church. Rabbi Finkelstein asks a rhetorical question: Why do you think the popes and cardinals use Kippah, the Jewish (Zionist) religious head cover. He goes on to say that whites never figure this out. No one studies or thinks for themselves. Therefore, gentiles become lifelong underlings and errand boys of the Jews (Zionists).

It is proven that Jews (Zionists) murdered the Russian czar and started the Bolshevik Revolution. The Soviet Union was their social experiment in which they first carried out the idea of communism. Communism is the socio-economic ideology of the Jewish Karl Marx, real name Moses Mordechai Levi, whose goal is a classless and equal social model that is based on common ownership.

Finkelstein says that the lower classes in the Soviet Union were led to believe that communism would lift them out of misery, but from the beginning it was intended to bring the rich to the level of the poor. The Jews (Zionists) collected for themselves the wealth of the people and ruled them. This is what happened in the Soviet Union and it is happening right now under our eyes all over the world.

Finkelstein says the Jews started and supported the women’s liberation movement. Initially, it was about getting women to work so they could be taxed. But the women’s movement (feminism) proved to be an effective way to dismantle families (the basic unit of societies) and, in particular, to get children to school where they could be brainwashed according to Jewish (Zionist) intentions. The women’s movement is the best tool for Jewish (Zionist) divide-and-rule- policy.

Wars are, according to Finkelstein, the most productive activity to make money. In addition, cattle must be thinned from time to time. The Jews (Zionists) call it theater of war, because they find it amusing to see that their greatest enemies, the white race and the Arabs, are destroying each other and they are making a lot of money during the process. Finkelstein says that people have the right to make money wherever they can. If no one is stopping them, and it is not specifically forbidden, it is allowed. In Western democracies, this kind of thinking is increasingly common. Christian ethics and morals, which have previously held societies together, are falling apart.

Wars are one cash machine that guarantees inexhaustible cash flow. We should not forget other pyramid scams, the latest of which is the climate change agenda, which aims to keep people in fear and guide their choices in an increasingly unnatural direction. In addition, all kinds of industry has been invented, such as the holocaust industry, which is based on sheer history distortion. In some places, impartial research into World War II is prohibited by law. It has channeled trillions of dollars of German and American taxpayers‘ money to Israel. In the interview, Finkelstein states that what is decisive in holocaust is that Jews (Zionists) have been persecuted throughout the ages, so that they are entitled to compensation, or free money.

The clearest example of Jewish (Zionist) practices is the case of Jeffrey Epstein that has got media coverage recently. The case is presented as if Epstein was an individual pedophile with own network. Epstein is described as a lonely millionaire, whose relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell offered him access to social networks that he himself lacked. Who thinks they were both Jewish (Zionists) and Mossad (Israeli intelligence) agents? The purpose of their pedophile ring was to gather aggravating evidence by which Jews (Zionists) were able to blackmail world politicians into making decisions that were favorable to them. This is directly from “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, which I summarize in the article “A Jewish State?”. This action plan has also been claimed to be fiction, but we see it being implemented around the world.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (concise summary, click to open)

Goyim (non-Jews) are mentally inferior to Jews and can’t run their nations properly. For their sake and ours, we need to abolish their governments and replace them with a single government. This will take a long time and involve much bloodshed, but it’s for a good cause.
Here’s what needs to be done in order to achieve this:

• Place our agents and helpers everywhere.
• Take control of the media and use it in propaganda for our plans.
• Start fights between different races, classes and religions.
• Use bribery, threats and blackmail to get our way.
• Use Freemasonic Lodges to attract potential public officials.
• Appeal to successful peoples egos.
• Appoint puppet leaders who can be controlled by blackmail.
• Replace royal rule with socialist rule, then communism, then despotism.
• Abolish all rights and freedoms except the right of force by us.
• Sacrifice people (including Jews sometimes) when necessary.
• Eliminate religion; replace it with science and materialism.
• Control the education system to spread deception and destroy intellect.
• Rewrite history for our benefit.
• Create entertaining distractions.
• Corrupt minds with filth and perversion.
• Encourage people to spy on one another.
• Keep the masses in poverty and perpetual labor.
• Take possession of all true wealth, property and (especially) gold.
• Use gold to manipulate the markets causing depressions etc.


Homo Deus

Yuval Noah Harari paints a picture of the future, replacing humanism with a new religion he calls dataism. In Harari’s imagination, Homo sapiens‘ brain function can be described as biological algorithm that can be replaced by information networks that in the future can probably be controlled by ‘god’s chosen people’ according to their own intentions. The man of the future is, in Harari’s imagination, the new, improved, and superior human species, Homo Deus, who is likely to obey his master’s orders.

When I watch Yuval Harari’s speeches and interviews I keep in mind that he is the product of his own society, where the only reality is this illusory world registered by our five senses and brains. His vision of the future is based entirely on the material world as if man were merely a sack of bones and flesh, which the brain directs. However, the human heart is the center of everything and its electromagnetic field is 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain. The heart has its own brain, which sends more impulses to the brain (head) than head sends impulses to the heart.

In my opinion, the current and future problems of the world are not related to the tools we use to make our work more efficient, but to leadership of humanity. In the animal kingdom leaders of elephant herds, for example, are looking for better grazing grounds, where everyone uses the resources one needs and no more, also the leaders. They are respected. Humanity is guided by totally corrupt practices. Nowadays, the value of leaders seems to be determined by their wealth and how large a gap it creates to the ordinary people, whose problems they are supposed to solve.

God Takes Care Of His Own

When the Jews murdered the Russian czar in 1917, Russia was a deeply Christian country. There were thousands of churches and monasteries throughout the country, and Christianity culminated in the reign of the czar: the czar was considered God’s representative on earth. The Bolsheviks almost completely destroyed this heritage. Churches and monasteries were destroyed, churchmen were killed or taken to concentration camps, and the people were brainwashed for 70 years into atheism. As the Soviet Union collapsed and the Jewish (Zionist) regime fled the country, it left a void behind, because there was nothing to adhere to. However, only about 6% of the population considered themselves to be secular atheists.

President Vladimir Putin, who took office after the collapse of the Soviet Union, filled this void with Christian ethics. He strongly supported Orthodox Christianity, the destroyed state church in Russia. New churches rose like mushrooms in the rain. Putin has said that policy-making requires a common value base that serves as a reference framework for different actors. This is simply common sense. Currently 80% of Russians consider themselves to be Christians, and the number is growing.

I don’t think that the state forces people to become Christians. Christian consciousness is simply the natural state of man and it is not a religious phenomenon. In Christian ethics, people internalize the most important doctrine of our existence: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22: 37-40)

That is why Putin is an eyesore to Jews (Zionists) and their underlings. Sanctions are being imposed on Russia, but these seem to harm more foreign powers than Russia. Russia has succeeded in creating completely new industries by emphasizing self-sufficiency and domestic production. Despite (or due to) sanctions, the Russian economy is growing faster than the economies of Europe’s largest countries. The GDP adjusted for purchasing power in Russia is predicted to become the world’s 5th highest this year, taking place before Germany.

The ethics of Christianity was the foundation of National Socialist Germany and Adolf Hitler made his goal to eliminate activities that were destructive to the society or to the morality of the people. It was seen as fascism by the ruling elite and was destroyed. China has followed the same principles as Hitler in its politics, that is, it has adopted from the West only practices that have promoted people’s intellectual capital and prosperity. If China had acted differently, I do not think it would have been able to lift its population of over billion people out of misery as quickly as has happened.

Transforming World – Christ Consciousness

The attempts of the Jews (Zionists) to conquer the world will fail as miserably in the West as they did in the Soviet Union. This is because, contrary to what Rabbi Finkelstein says in the interview, the „Goyim-cattle“ is not made up of stupid people and cowards. They are opportunists, just like Jewish Zionists, and they want to be on the winning side. Until now, Jews (Zionists) have had the cutting edge. However, I believe that people will find the divine side in themselves simply by listening to their intuitive hearts.

The traditional patriarchal concept of God, according to which God is father above all, separate from us, was born to answer questions that arose in humans a thousand (or thousands of) years ago. To understand the changes taking place in the world today, we need to update our concept of God and other concepts for the new millennium.

One of the most intriguing features of the Secret-movie is that Aladdin’s magic lamp, the latest results in quantum physics, religious beliefs and everyday practices intertwined to portray the intellectual energy field in which we live under the law of attraction. This intellectual energy field is what we call God. In Chinese philosophy, this energy field consists of two opposing, complementary basic forces Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine), in which dualism becomes apparent. All things have both the seed of Yin and Yang. They are constantly striving to balance and become one.

In most parts of the world, Yin and Yang energies have been kept separate. It has created an experience of separation, alienation and exclusion. Spiritual teachers have not spoken much about this. However, a couple of weeks ago I found a video on Youtube, in which Christina Lopes depicts this very clearly.

We think similarly, but we use different terminology.  She talks about the second, third and fifth dimensions of consciousness. For me, the second and third dimensions are levels of ego consciousness (awareness). Christina Lopes says that the fifth dimension is Unity Consciousness, which is universal consciousness. I’m talking about Christ consciousness, or consciousness of the universe, which is oneness.

Unity consciousness is not mass consciousness. Christina Lopes speaks in the video 5th Dimension Is Here that our body is made up of 40 trillion cells, all of which are sentient beings. They all have a role to play and are consciously cooperating with each other. Intelligent people should also find channels to consciously cooperate with each other for the common good.

Christina Lopes thinks this is difficult for people because most people are so locked into the second and third dimensions, the ego consciousness level. Until now, God has allowed ego-consciousness to work simultaneously with higher levels of consciousness. There is a reason for this: God has used all means to create a divine connection between people.

However, the vibrational frequency of our planet (Schuman resonance) is changing and this has also spiritual effects. The Higher vibrational frequency no longer supports lower levels of consciousness, but unity and cooperation. People have to adapt to this. It’s like God – the intellectual energy field we live in – wants to shake off the burdensome elements of the world. Christina Lopes compares this cleansing to a dog that shakes itself when rising out of water: after a few vigorous shakes, its coat is dry.

In order to reach the level of Christ consciousness, we need to activate our internal navigator. It means we must break free from brain-centered science-emphasizing intellectual thinking and focus on the intuition of the heart. By listening to intuition, we manage a radar that brings to our consciousness things that five senses cannot detect, and which cannot be perceived merely by intellectual thought.
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When I was in China in 2005, I heard about a strangest resonance phenomenon when I was watching a television program that told about a „ghost house“.  It was a new apartment building, where people noticed when they moved in that lamps hanging from the ceiling and other hanging objects, and e.g. the water in an aquarium, swung back and forth rhythmically. The authorities and engineers were puzzled as to what caused the phenomenon and after several steps of research, they found a few blocks away a stone processing plant, where the machine operated parallel to the swinging motion of the hanging ceiling lights in the „ghost house“.

The program was in Chinese and I did not fully understand what was the cause of the phenomenon or how the problem was solved. However, the case has risen on my mind every once in awhile when I have been watching videos presenting the resonance phenomenon. After telling the story to my Chinese assistant, she found an article about a similar phenomenon that occurred in Shanghai in 2014.

Also on that occasion, the thing was discovered only after people moved in and started decorating their apartments. Hanging objects swung, measuring devices of decorators had interferences and people felt dizzy. There were cracks on the walls. Someone had nausea and thought that she was pregnant.

People thought at first that the building was not in compliance with the building regulations. However, after careful inspection it was clear that the problems were not due to neglect. The buildings that had problems were part of a group of several buildings and only two of them had problems.

It turned out that the house was vibrating and it was not vibration caused by earthquake. The vibration was caused by a stone processing plant a stone’s throw away, where the machine was operating at the same frequency as the frequency prevailing in the building. The pendulum in the building stopped when the machine was shut down and started when work began in the plant and the machine was turned on.

I do not know how the problem has been settled or if there was a solution. According to the article the options seemed to be low. One solution was to move the stone processing plant to a new location.

When Form or Chaos Grasps the Matter

In the video link „Sound Vibration Creates Form“ beneath this article David Icke says that „in the beginning was the word and the word was sound“. This phrase is a variation of the beginning verse of John’s gospel in the Bible, that sounds as a whole like this: „In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.“

In the Bible, the word does not mean the verbal expression that we use to communicate with each other, but the electromagnetic vibration, which is the driving force of everything in the quantum world, divine matrix we are living in.

With our actions, we can create order and harmony or disorder, chaos and dissonance. The energy we produce can bring about internal healing to ourselves and others or collapse our own order or that of others. Joshua 6th in the Old Testament tells, how the Israelites got the walls of Jericho fall down by going round the wall for a week, carrying the Ark of the Covenant, blowing trumpets of rams‘ horns. The New Testament tells of the miracles of Jesus and the omnipotence of love.

When we think about icebergs melting and collapsing, we connect the phenomenon with global warming. However, the weathering and collapse of mountains is not limited to icebergs. We can see collapse of mountains and landslides in the Alps and around the world. This may be due to a change in the vibrational frequency of the Earth (Schumann resonance), rather than due to climate change.

What is common to everything is that resonance can be our defeat or victory. Cymatics, the influence of sound waves on matter, is still a rather unexplored area of science. Most of the problems in the world are due to this: in general people do not use consciously the possibilities of electromagnetic energy and its resonance. They act in many respects against the laws of God, the rules of the quantum world.


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