Flügel der Gedanken

When I started writing this blog seven years ago I thought that I would not write anything related to politics. In the early 2000s, I was so frustrated with the politicians at home and abroad that I did not want to waste my time by following the insanity that radio and television broadcast every day. My purpose was to focus on spiritual growth and rehabilitation and write about things that felt good.

However, over the years, I have had a compelling need to speak about day-to-day politics. A part of me would like to believe that when we talk about things and find compromises, we will eventually find a satisfactory solution to problems. Our entire education system is based on this: we are conditioned to think that by studying the creations and processes of others and observing the mistakes of others, we learn to avoid them and work better with each other.

As I write about distressing things I have been able to clarify my position to them and despite the confusing starting point I have found an angle that satisfies me. During the past year, however, I have felt increasingly frustrated, as this pondering does not seem to lead anywhere. It just splits my own energy. Abraham (Hicks), who is a collective consciousness and infinite intelligence in eternity guiding humanity outside of the physical world, says that as we focus on observing the finite, physical world, which in broader perspective is energy vibrating in different frequencies, our own vibrational frequency lowers according to the subject we are observing.

Our research can have a good effect, if we succeed in defining more clearly what we want and what we do not want, which subsequently increases the vibration of our energy. However, during the process, we may be exposed to manipulation and will no longer do what we want, but what others want from us.

Abraham thinks that it would be best that we always do what our real self wants. We do not need to research existing structures and try to change them, but we can start from scratch and focus on our own creations. Most people want to be constructive with the goal of improving their own and others‘ well-being. However, it is evident that different agendas are at the core of world politics and their intention is not to increase the well-being of the planet and humans, but to shore up the political and economic influence of world leaders.

Free will is one of the most important laws in the universe, and of course I do not say that humans should not have their own agendas. I’m just saying that I don’t have to let these agendas confuse my mind and bring me out of focus. I do not even need to see how these agendas erode the foundations of the well-being of our societies, which are based on mutual trust and common sense. I can direct my undivided attention to my inner being and focus on what I find meaningful.

Are You Allowing Your Inner Being Guide Your Life?

The reason why it is so easy for the negative forces of the world to manipulate people to accomplish goals that are an insult to every person, who uses his/her own brains is because most people live at the level of ego consciousness. Our decision-makers try to solve problems by observing the physical world, looking for compromises.

The conception of secular people of creativity and creation is based on the physical world observed by the 5 senses. People, especially in Western democracies, think that by being liberal and tolerant of everyone and everything, our own creative power will grow exponentially. Abraham says this is an illusion.  Tolerance is the Alfa and Omega, but it is about allowing our inner being to direct our lives. If we live at the level of ego awareness, tolerance will only add to the chaos.

Golden Rule

To see things in a broader perspective, we need to rise above time and space. We have a physical body, but first and foremost we are vibrational beings. The energies vibrating at the same frequencies attract each other. Therefore, it is very important that we pay attention to our being, that is, what kind of energy we radiate outwards.

This thought, which underlies the golden rule, is the basic idea of every religion. However, many associate the teachings of spiritual leaders with a specific person and think that the teachings are their own ideas. But true spiritual leaders do not operate at the level of ego consciousness. They are connected to their inner being and thus to the consciousness of the universe, and they express their inner world. Their teachings conceal the principles of the divine energy field, which operates under the Law of Attraction.

Thus, the golden rule of „treat others as you would like them to treat yourself“ is not just a recommendation and a guidance in life. It is one of the secrets of success, and it incorporates the basic idea of the Law of Attraction that we attract the same kind of energy as we send into our environment. People close to you (mostly) mirror what they get to experience. In common language: You reap what you sow.

In Western democracies, the golden rule is only half implemented: Others must treat me the way I want them to treat myself. People imagine that the Law of Attraction makes an exception for them. People live in an illusion that because of democracy, we have the freedom to say anything and do anything, regardless of the consequences. Because people do not want to take responsibility for their lives, the Declaration of Human Rights that was originally created to ease cooperation between people and resolve disputes, is used to repeal the Law of Attraction by human legislation. People, who have digested the golden rule naturally attract what they want. Respect for human rights is most strongly demanded by people, who have no intent of respecting the rights of others.

The Destructive Effect of Ego-Awareness

When the law protects criminals, it is no wonder that „democratic“ societies around the world are decaying from within. In decision-making positions are placed persons, who are the “path of least resistance” for higher decision-making bodies, that means people, who can most easily be manipulated. Corruption is rampant. Societies burn their candles at both ends.

Officially, societies fight against crime, but in many countries, prison facilities are privately owned and aimed at making profits for their owners. By “appropriate” legislation, state governments ensure that these institutions have enough clients (prisoners) and the people live in misery. The sexual abuse of children is widely condemned, but the rich and influential maintain their own paedophile rings to blackmail one another.

Officially, the health care system is designed to protect public health, but the pharmaceutical industry is in the hands of private actors, whose interest is to keep people as sick as possible and prevent the development of effective treatments, thereby guaranteeing maximum profits for owners. Climate alarmists‘ propaganda focuses on reducing carbon dioxide emissions and it has been made question of destiny, but at the same time, major consumers of soft drinks, mineral waters and sparkling wines around the world drink hundreds of liters of carbonated drinks each year.

The contradiction in the thinking of people living in ego-consciousness is visible at every level of social life. However, everyone wants prosperity and economic growth. It is strived for by lowering the well-being of disadvantaged people and strengthening the position of the rich. In what way is it sustainable development to cut people’s resources that keep the wheels of society going?

Economic Growth Requires Spiritual Growth

Abraham, whose teachings have sparked a kind of thinking revolution in the world, says that wealth is always a sign that a person / community has raised their vibration of energy to a frequency that has attracted wealth. Raising the vibrational frequency requires the expansion of consciousness, which at its best is spiritual growth. However, I think that wealth says nothing about spiritual growth in general, because we know that robbers, traitors and swindlers can also get rich. Prosperity, and especially the maintenance of prosperity, may be an indication that a person / community is under the control of higher powers, but it may also be an indication of sheer exploitation. It is pure exploitation, if someone gets rich by exploiting the good faith and trust of subordinates.

Humans can deceive each other, but they cannot deceive the divine energy field that operates under the Law of Attraction. Therefore, for example, those who have suddenly become wealthy usually lose their possessions before they even realize it, because they do not have the ability to maintain the high vibrational frequency of their energy, which is what wealth requires.

At the level of ego consciousness, man is conditioned to think that we are physical beings and that our strength lies in being able to perceive this limited world and our reality through the five sense organs better than others, which is why competition is the core of our societies. We focus on what we can observe with five sense organs. We do not see that because we are vibrational beings, each of us attract him-/herself all own experiences according to the Law of Attraction. Practically this means that we do not take responsibility for our actions. If something goes wrong we will usually blame other people.

If we were to acknowledge our position as part of the divine energy field that operates under the Law of Attraction and that the energy we radiate outwards attracts the same kind of energy, we would understand our true individuality. We would not do to others anything we would not want to experience ourselves, for we are all inseparable.

However, from the angle of a person living at the level of ego consciousness, individuality differentiates and separates people from one another. In Western democracies that emphasize individuality, this causes more and more chaos and societies decay from within. Growth has almost come to a halt and attempts are being made to bring in the West populations from developing countries and western so called democracies are abandoning their own customs, traditions and citizens‘ needs.

At the same time, Eastern societies, where community and family have priority over the individual, are growing at an enormous rate. The clearest example of this is Singapore, which in a few decades has grown to become one of the world’s economic powers, despite the fact that this island state has a total area of less than 1000 km² and is not rich in natural resources. It has a population of 5.6 million, which generates a greater GDP than Finland, which is well over 300,000 km². Historically, Singapore has been known for resilience, political integrity and administrative stability.

My experience of Singapore is based on Wikipedia and Youtube videos. My first Chinese teacher in Germany came from Singapore. What I write here is based on my own conclusions.

Given the small size of Singapore and the determination of the government to ensure the safety of its citizens, it has developed no culture of pampering criminals. Discipline is maintained by strict legislation. Criminals cannot invoke their human rights and escape punishment after being caught for breaking common rules. Nobody’s human right is to harm their neighbors and the community, but to act to promote common goals. Singapore is closest to my perception of a civilized dictatorship. It maintains the most productive environment for ordinary citizens, and does not disproportionately waste energy and resources in fighting negative forces and repairing the damage they cause.

Particularly in Western democracies, where condemnation and criticism of everything is increasingly prohibited, it is difficult to find a constructive approach. Democracy is traditionally a social model where the most popular viewpoint and approach wins. However, this is no longer the case and democracies have become dictatorships of minorities. However, we still have the right to defend ourselves, to some extent. The Law of Attraction works anyway. We must define clearly what we want. Abraham says that in the past centuries, no one has deprived people of the knowledge of the Law of Attraction. People have not been prepared to receive the information. We now have the prerequisites for digesting information about the Law of Attraction. One of the most important things is that we create, what our thoughts are focused on.

So we do not have to judge anything or anyone, but we can focus our undivided attention on our inner being and what we want to create. Just as individuals need to be consistent in their actions, focus on their goals and become sensitized and resilient in order to maintain a high vibrational frequency, societies need to organize their activities consistently to create an environment for citizens to enable them to act productively.



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Our Inner Power
Many have certainly asked themselves how is it possible that Judaism, which itself cherishes high morals and righteousness and social justice, has given rise to a belief system like Zionism that keeps the world in its iron grip.

This is for many an insurmountable contradiction and when people don’t understand it, claims about Zionism are regarded as conspiracy theories that have no basis in reality. Jews, and especially Zionists, have interest to erase the history that led to the emergence of Zionism. However, the birth of Zionism is an integral part of the history of Judaism, and studying it all seems very logical.

Among the Jews of Europe many messianic movements rose up from the 16th to the 19th century, which promised better future to the oppressed Jews. These ideals included the idea of redemption of the Jews and their return to the land of Israel, with independent sovereignty. One of the initiators of such a Messianic movement was the Sephardic Jewish cabbalist, rabbi Shabbetai Tsvi, who lived in Smyrna in the Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey) in the 17th century.

At the age of 22 in 1648, Shabbetai Tsvi began declaring to his followers that he was the long-awaited Jewish Messiah. He claimed, among other things, he could fly, but explained to his followers that he could not do so in public, because people were „not worthy“ to witness such an impressive event. He also regularly declared that he was having various revelations from God.

Although Shabbetai Tsvi had long spent a pious, humble life before declaring himself the Messiah, the more established rabbinic leadership did not regard him as a person of rabbinic authority and were suspicious of his activities. In the early 1650s, Shabbetai Tsvi and his followers were expelled by the rabbis from Smyrna.

Nonetheless, Shabbetai succeeded in convincing hundreds of thousands of Jews of his Messianship and he quickly gathered around himself a movement in the Middle East and much of Europe, including the Ashkenazis of Eastern Europe. However, the rabbis of Jerusalem viewed Shabbetai’s movement with great suspicion and threatened to exclude its followers from the Jewish community.

So, Shabbetai understood that Jerusalem was not a place where he could realize his visions. He returned to his hometown of Smyrna, where he arrived in the autumn of 1665. After some hesitation he publicly declared himself to be the expected Messiah at the Synagogue during the Jewish New Year in 1665. His follower, Nathan Ghazzati (Nathan of Gaza), became his prophet.

Shabbetai Tsvi became the leader of his community. He used his power to crush the opposition and replaced the rabbi of Smyrna with a person, who was favourable to him. Jewish law and everything that Orthodox Jews considered sacred was turned upside down. Since the Messiah was among the Jews, they did not need to fast or exercise any unpleasant religious duties.

In February 1666 Shabbetai Tsvi arrived in Constantinople (present-day Istanbul). Nathan of Ghaza had prophesied that upon arriving in Constantinople Shabbetai would press Sultan’s crown on his head. But Ahmed Köprülü, the grand vizier of Ottomans, ordered his immediate arrest upon his arrival. In September of that year, the Sultan Mehmed IV gave him an ultimatum: either convert to Islam or die.

Shabbetai Tsvi converted to Islam (September 16, 1666) and put on a turban, which showed to many of his followers that he was not the Messiah. However, many of his close followers converted to Islam and still considered him to be the Jewish Messiah. The Sultan appointed Shabbetai as his well-paid doorkeeper.

However, the conversion of Shabbetai to Islam was only for show. He continued to practice his own religion with his followers. He explained to the Jews that his mission was to convert Muslims to Judaism. To the Sultan he claimed to convert Jews to Islam. Gradually, however, Shabbetai’s treachery came to light and he was expelled from the court of the Sultan. When he was discovered singing psalms with the Jews, he was banished by the Ottoman authorities in 1673 to Dulcino, a small town in present-day Montenegro where he died in 1676 in isolation. However, Shabbetai Tsvi’s story does not end with his death.

Jacob Frank

From the end of the 17th century, there were numerous sects of the Sabbatean movement in eastern Poland (present-day Ukraine). They were Jews, who were publicly converted to Islam, but who practiced within their own circles their own kind of Judaism. They were called Crypto Jews, Dönmeh. The prefix dön- in the Turkish language of Ottoman period has a negative meaning: apostate, turncoat.

About one hundred years after Shabbetai Tsvi’s death, Jacob Frank, who had been brought up among the Sabbatean circles, declared himself a re-incarnation of Shabbetai Tsvi. In the 1750s he established close relationships with the leaders of the Sabbatean movement. Already as a schoolboy, he had rejected the Talmud and he began a new movement (Frankism) that regarded the Messiah as a manifestation of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Those who grew up in the traditional Jewish faith saw this as heresy, which caused serious conflicts among the Jews.

Jacob Frank announced to his followers that he had received a revelation from heaven inviting him and his followers to convert to Christianity, the Roman Catholic Church. This was meant to be an intermediate step before the future adoption of the daas (daat, דעת knowledge, wisdom) religion, which Jacob Frank intended to reveal later.

Frank and his followers were baptised in 1759 in Lviv, Poland (present-day Ukraine), the Polish nobility acting as god-parents. The newly baptised adopted the names of their godfathers and godmothers and joined their ranks. By 1790, 26,000 Jews had been baptised in Poland.

Shabbetai Tsvi had turned the Jewish doctrine upside down, because apparently in the presence of the Messiah, it was not appropriate to practice unpleasant religious moral rules and obligations. Jacob Frank spiced everything up. The Frankists had converted to Christianity, so no Jewish religious rules held them back. „We cannot be saints, so let’s be sinners“ was their motto. All taboos were to be transgressed. Depravity was worship to god. The ideal was to commit as much sin each day as possible. The purpose of sin was to deplete the energy resources of the universe and this will force God to send His Messiah to fix things.

In 1773 Jacob Frank traveled to Frankfurt, Germany. He established relationships with Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, and Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who established the Rothschild Banking Dynasty in the 1760s.

Adam Weishaupt emphasized reason over emotion. Originally the goal of the Illuminati was to free people from their prejudices, make them mature and moral and help them get rid of religious and political limitations of church and state. The true aims of the secret society were to be revealed to members only when they reached the „priestly“ level of awareness and understanding.
To achieve the goal of their organization, members had to make observations, gather information, and submit secret reports to their superiors. Through this, the organization sought to control public opinion, limit the power of those in power, limit the activities of the subversive and reactionary, and cast fear on their enemies. The organization was said to have adopted obedience from the Jesuit doctrines, trials and ceremonies from the Masons, and underground mysteries and fearlessness from Templars.

It is said that the „The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” is a secret document based upon Sabbatean-Frankism. It is a detailed action program to govern the world. Who can say what the „future religion“ is that Frank said he would reveal later when he converted to Christianity?

We live in Messianic times

We can say that Shabbetai Tsvi and Jacob Frank were sick in mind, but that does not change the fact that the goal of Sabbatean-Frankism – to achieve redemption through sin – is becoming reality. People all over the world are waking up to see the corruption and decay in their societies. It is the influence of the Holy Spirit. The Messiah and the kingdom of heaven are in our hearts.

The Jews and Christians waiting for the Second Coming of Jesus are waiting in vain for the Messiah to descend from heaven and repair the turmoil that exists in the world. This is because the basic rule of our energy field that works under the law of attraction is liberty and free will. Even guardian angels and the forces of the invisible world that assist us, cannot interfere with our lives unless we explicitly ask for it. This also means that each one of us attracts him- or herself all own experiences, both good and bad.

We must take responsibility for our actions. We do not regard ourselves as criminals when we do not plot against other people and want to support our loved ones in everything. Unwilling to leave our comfort zone, we may, however, turn angels to demons and demons to angels. We become underlings of criminals and their errand boys as long as we have opportunistic mind, and will not deal with the crimes and abuses we see in our environment. If we fear the consequences of our own courage, we are doomed to failure.

We live in Messianic times, when more and more people awaken to reality and begin to live under divine guidance. Today’s Messianic movement could be considered the Q Anon movement, whose frontman is Donald Trump. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump had a speech about the world government and his desire to cleanse the corrupt political system, to drain the swamp.

Q Anon does not even closely resemble traditional Messianic movements. Unlike previous Messianic movements, Q Anon does not instruct people on how they should live and think. Since October 2017, Q has maintained a website that provides tips and introduces, among other things, persons under investigation and new laws and regulations. The purpose is for people to investigate the facts themselves and draw their own conclusions. Q provides basic information and links to information sources.

Q has released a video, „The Plan to Save the World,“ which outlines the goals of the movement. It sounds almost too good to be true. Some see the Q Anon movement as a controlled opposition, backed by the same criminals the movement claims to oppose. It is claimed that with the help of Q Anon, those in power want to buy time for their criminal activities.

We should not become cynical, although we see corruption and decay all around us. We must seize our opportunities. Q Anon’s success depends on the people and our attitudes, just like everything else. If people just wait for the Messiah from heavens to come and God’s men and women do the unpleasant work for us and fix everything, we can expect equally negative and passivating results. But if we act in divine guidance against criminal practices, regardless of the consequences, we will create a world where everyone thrives.

We must know among whom we stand. Does our own desire for comfort hold us captive in a camp of criminals?



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Rainbow Bridge

On Saturday, June 29, 2016, a Pride event was held in Helsinki and nearly 100,000 people marched in the spirit of love in rainbow colors. My friend sent me the song Toive kaikilla sama (All have the same desire) performed by Jorma Uotinen, which is about the desire of man to be loved by someone.

When I read the Bible in the early 1980s, a word that urged people to remember God whenever they see a rainbow in the sky stuck into my mind. When I see rainbow flags flutter I have an association with the rainbow. The rainbow reminds me of God’s love and my love for God. It is an uninterrupted connection to the consciousness of the universe. We do not have to „desire to be loved by someone“ and look for approval from the world. When we have a connection with our inner being, our inner navigator, to our true self, it generates the feeling of basic trust that gives us courage we need to go forward. It is a huge competitive advantage everywhere we go. We are at home also on a foreign soil when we are out of our comfort zone.

All have the same desire (lyrics)

Man has a face
eyes, ears, nose and mouth
arms, legs and body
Sometimes something of these is missing

Many colors, tempers and languages
Many sizes, forms and views
But all have the same desire
to be loved by someone
But all have the same desire
to be loved by someone

There are two kind of people
men and women
boys and girls
and some in between

Many colors, tempers and languages
Many sizes, forms and views
But all have the same desire
to be loved by someone
But all have the same desire
to be loved by someone

There are always people
poor and rich
sick and healthy
and many in between

Many colors, tempers and languages
Many sizes, forms and views
But all have the same desire
to be loved by someone
But all have the same desire
to be loved by someone

We are people
young and old
people, who look old
can be younger than young inside

Many colors, tempers and languages
Many sizes, forms and views
But all have the same desire
to be loved by someone
But all have the same desire
to be loved by someone


Jorma Uotinen: Toive kaikilla sama (All have the same desire)




Objective facts and rules of logic affect people’s lives less than good stories that define and guide our lives. However, people apply rules of logic in their personal lives. We become prisoners of our thoughts and habits. We consider our own predictability and good reputation as reliability. Everyone wants to be trustworthy or at least give a reliable picture of themselves. The most important thing in this respect is that we are able to show decades of consistency on our actions. We must stick to stories that we are conditioned to believe. So consistency from the point of view of official truth is important, no matter how false the official stories are.

When I was in my early teens, my oldest brother gave me at one Christmas a book entitled „Escape from Freedom” written by Erich Fromm (1900-1980, a German-American social psychologist, psychoanalyst, sociologist and humanistic philosopher). I was not mature enough to analyze deep-seated social psychological problems, but the title of the book itself spoke to me. I kept the book for decades, waiting for a moment that would inspire me to read the book. I gave it up in 2012 when I took my needless stuff to the recycling center and felt that I had in myself the information that Erich Fromm wrote about.

So I do not know the contents of the book „Escape from Freedom“, but I believe it is related to this: It is paradoxical that when we are loyal to the ego, to its thought patterns and habits, we move away from ourselves and each other. We start repeating the conceptions and beliefs that have passed from generation to generation over the centuries. We lull ourselves to sleep, which gives us a sense of security, but at the same time makes us prisoners of our thoughts and habits.

Yrjö Kallinen (1886-1976, Counsellor of Education in Finland, Advocate for Peace, Defense Minister) speaks about this in an interview „Are We Living In Asleep“, which he gave to the Secretary-General of the Finnish UN Association Hilkka Pietilä in 1971. Kallinen thinks that liberation from traditional thought patterns and beliefs that our society has conditioned us to believe, is the hardest effort of man. The prerequisite for liberation is the awareness of the situation that I am not awake. In other words: Waking up to the fact that I am a prisoner of my thoughts and habits. We need to recognize that we have fallen into wrong sense of security.

The Internet and the media are full of stories about the destructive influence and immorality of liberal-globalist capitalists and those seeking the world government. People complain that democracy does not work, money is created out of thin air and decision-making bodies are completely corrupt. Elections are a great theater that deceive citizens into thinking they may have some influence on things. In reality, everything has been decided in dubious practices much before the election. Of course, awareness of these things is important. However, revelations are often so frustrating that the feeling of powerlessness makes people get stuck in their perceptions and beliefs even more than before.  Many feel that a false sense of security is better than complete uncertainty about how to improve one’s own situation and that of others.

Truth in the Real World

The world is in a dead end today in many respects. However, people have through their thoughts and actions influenced themselves, how things have evolved. In other words: People have attracted everything. World War I and II were also the result of human ideals and actions. And not just in a negative sense. For some people, wars were a dream come true. Yrjö Kallinen speaks also about this in the video „Are We Living In Asleep“.

He says that at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the highest ideal of millions of young men was to die as a hero „in the field of honor“ (warfield) with the motto: „It is beautiful when a brave man of the front ranks falls and dies…“ Also in Finland little boys proudly sang this song in the 1960s with the feeling of self-importance.
Kallinen quotes a letter of a young man belonging to the French aristocrat, who lived in the 1880s to his mother: „If I venture to pray God for such a great grace to my own self that the Lord Almighty would allow actual war explode yet in my lifetime and I be involved in it.“

Defending your own community and your own values is, of course, very important, but there are usually quite other motives behind great wars than defending values. Some parties have for many centuries been instilling insane beliefs in people’s minds. For them, the death of young men in wars and thus prevention of reproduction of gentiles has been simply like thinning of cattle. However, no one can blame anyone for their situation. Not even Illuminati or people fabricating fictional stories with the aim to promote their own goals. How meaningful is it to blame predators for killing other animals to survive?

When we want change, all our attention is focused on the outside world and we try to change the prevailing circumstances. However, we can only change our own thinking and our own attitudes, perceptions and beliefs. The fact that it has been so easy to make people believe in insane stories that make them go like lemmings towards their own destruction, is due to their willingness to listen to their ego and their desire to please others. Few people dare to get a grip on oneself and force themselves to face the truth, no matter how unpleasant it feels. Falling in wrong sense of security is everybody’s own decision.

Truth in Our Hearts

Despite the fact that a large, if not the majority of the world’s population lives in complete deception, and some people do everything to prevent the spreading of truthful information, the truth is constantly present. When we talk about ‚post-truth era‘ it can also be interpreted as being life after we have awakened to the truth. More and more people in the world are experiencing spiritual awakening and begin to lead their lives on purpose according to their inner guidance.

My actual awakening started after I watched the documents Zeitgeist and the Secret. The Secret movie tuned my antenna in every direction, but although I agreed 100% with everything the film was talking about, I thought that the message of the movie was completely wrong. I understood that the dissonance was caused by the emphasis of good emotions in the film. I’ve seen during my lifetime many times that emotions can give us completely false signals. We can not ignore the fact that we learn the most from negative feelings and experiences. Since I watched the Secret for the first time I have been pondering the dilemma the film left behind without getting into the core of the problem.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a Youtube video where Mel Robbins, an American TV presenter, author and inspirational speaker says that „motivation is garbage“ and tells why motivation does not work. In her opinion, the problem is that people are awaiting the awakening of the „right kind“ of emotions in order to start to change their lives. However, it is pointless to wait for the awakening of emotions, because few have the ability to motivate themselves and others to do repulsive tasks, which are absolutely essential for their own success.

Mel Robbins says that most people know what their success requires: keeping yourself in tune, which means going early to sleep and getting up early in the morning, maintaining the body’s condition and health, maintaining friendly and appreciative relationships also with people you don’t like, taking care of your finances, daring to express your thoughts and to seize your opportunities, which means the ability to push yourself and to force yourself out of your comfort zone. In other words, forcing yourself to do things that you don’t like. Mel Robbins says that people should (at the latest) begin to parent themselves when they reach the legal age.

Although most people know what their success requires and there are countless blogs and self-help web sites and do-it-yourself websites that give detailed instructions on life management, people sabotage their own success by watering their own good thoughts and plans. We know intuitively what our success requires and our inner being, the voice of reason reminds us of our goals in special moments, but in addition to that we are constantly engaged in internal discussion with our ego. The ego does everything it can to prevent us from doing anything that could hurt ourselves and our pride. It works like an overprotective parent, who does not let children do anything in fear of injuries. How do we get out of our head, the guidance of our ego, so that we become persons, who are not just talking about their plans, but act to accomplish our goals in guidance of our inner being?

The 5 Second Rule

Exactly for this problem Mel Robbins came up with a solution when her own life was falling apart. When she was a little over 40, her husband went bankrupt and they lost all their savings. She was practically an unemployed mother of three children, on the brink of divorce, in overwhelming feeling of shame and despair. She benumbed herself with alcohol and didn’t even get inspired by her children. In the morning as the alarm clock rang, she pressed the snooze button time and again, for who would wake up to the nightmare she was driven to.

One night when everyone was already asleep and she was about to close the television, there was Nasa preparing for the launch of a spacecraft. Before the launch, she heard the familiar 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. In that moment Mel Robbins got a trillion-dollar idea: When the clock was ringing in the morning, she would launch herself out of bed like a rocket before she could think of anything! And so she did. In the first … the second … the third … the fourth etc. morning. The trick always worked.

When she started to investigate, why this simple trick works, she learned that millions of people around the world are using it to mobilize themselves. Mel Robbins is a lawyer by profession, and she immersed herself in her research as deep as when collecting evidence for judges in court. In addition to her personal contacts, she became familiar with brain research on the subject.
According to studies, we live within a five-second time window, which is why Mel Robbins gave her self-mobilization trick the name „The 5 Second Rule“. This means that, as we move daily from one situation to another and make decisions that seem small and insignificant, we operate under our intuition, our internal navigator, or listen to our ego, our overprotective superego, which does not allow us to do anything that could cause injuries and hurt our pride. If we begin to negotiate with our ego we are doomed to fail. Small, originally seemingly insignificant decisions are gradually beginning to determine our lives.

By mobilizing ourselves with the countdown 5-4-3-2-1, we not only suppress the voice of our ego. At the same time, our thoughts move from the area of old thought patterns and habit loops to the prefrontal cortex, which has executive power. It can analyze conflicting thoughts, differentiate between good and bad, better and best, same and different, the future consequences of activities etc. In other words, it focuses our thoughts and energies on action.

Reprogram Your Brain

With the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown, we can reprogram our brains five seconds at a time. When we begin to manifest our true self, we can also program our brains by visualization. Visualization is a very powerful way to assimilate new things, because our possibilities are limitless. Studies show that visualization is not just daydreaming in imaginary craziness. The brain is unable to distinguish what has really happened to us and what is imagination. That’s why visualization transforms our brain in the same way as our experience in the real world. Visualization IS a kind of experience in the real world.

When our actions and thoughts activate the Law of Attraction and we begin to attract things we want, we practically begin to see what is possible. We do not have to wait for politicians to arrange us the possibility to influence things in the spirit of direct democracy, but we can implement direct democracy in our own lives right now, five seconds at a time.
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The Truth Cast Adrift

Better violenceWhen I have read advertisements of the country’s largest daily newspaper about „moving to a post-truth Era“ I have been pondering what might this directly suggest. Generally speaking, the saying refers to circumstances, where objective facts affect public opinion less than relying on emotions and personal convictions. In practice, it has a confluence with the new guidelines for journalists that came into force in the beginning of 2005. The guidelines changed in a more tolerant direction, meaning that the instructions left more consideration to individual journalists on how to write.

According to the old guidelines, “the basis of a good journalistic practice is the right of the citizen to have access to true and generally important information that enables them to form a picture about their environment that is as truthful as possible”. In the new guidelines the requirement of correctness and relevance of information as well as truthfulness is omitted. Today ‚a good journalistic practice is based on everyone’s right to receive information and opinions‘. It is mentioned that „the duty of a journalist is to seek truthful communication“. It remains to be guessed what it means for individual reporters, whose truth changes according to current trends.


On Friday, 3rd May 2019 was the International Day of Press Freedom, like every year. At the same time, it is also a day of freedom of speech. Erja Yläjärvi, editor-in-chief of Iltalehti-newspaper, published an editorial on the subject. She headed her article as follows: The Biggest Threat to Freedom of Speech in Finland Right Now: Other Finns

In her article, she expresses her concern about the amount of the filthy feedback that journalists have to receive every day. In her opinion, the danger of communication is that journalists do not want to expose themselves to that and start to look out for their words. Likewise, it can make it more difficult for journalists to find an interviewee on a controversial subject.

As I read the feedback for that article, a thought crosses my mind that the filthy feedback is targeted towards agenda-driven journalism, where journalists spread official truths and ignore everything that do not fit their agenda. Has it happened that, while the new guidelines for journalists say that „a good journalistic practice is based on everybody’s right to receive information and opinions“, media houses and journalists imagine that people have the right to hear journalists‘ opinions? However, people expect journalists to spread pure knowledge like in earlier days so that they can form themselves as objective and truthful an opinion as possible. In the light of these thoughts, the message of Erja Yläjärvi’s article was simply that the greatest threat to freedom of expression is that journalists are not allowed to express their opinions freely.


So we are literally living post-truth times, when people do not even want to admit that there is any absolute truth. Except your own life and your own rights and interests, of course. People who have grown up in free democracies have become (speed) blind and live in an illusion that free democracy is a social order that stays upright without needing to be controlled. How many really realizes that the preservation of freedom requires us to acknowledge the absolute fact that everyone has been born into this world as a free individual, which requires taking care of the welfare and freedom of others?

All guidelines and rules of a free democracy can be derived from the freedoms of citizens and their respective responsibilities. In addition to freedom, they seek to ensure equal treatment of people, taking into account their starting points. Understanding the big picture of democracy and meaningful action requires common sense, which keeps the structures stick together. When the truth is kissed off and common sense disappears, there are very contradictory opinions and goals without justification as consequence:

There are no genders, and girls should not be called as girls and boys as boys, but the exchange of gender is a human right. Gender and citizen equality are the Alfa and Omega of everything, but equality does not matter when it comes to „positive discrimination“. In this election, the Green party brought 17 women and three men into the parliament. Women’s rights are promoted, as well as the emergence of female-hostile cultures, even by stigmatizing critics of female hostility as „hate speech“. All cultures are equal. It does not matter whether the cultures form organized societies or whether they are formed by tribes and clans fighting against each other, whether people live in peaceful coexistence or whether they chop off the heads of infidels.

There is a desire for democracy, tolerance, freedom of opinion and equality, but thoughtcriminals like people with false beliefs, are eliminated or sent to prison. Every “virtueradiant” emphasizes his/her tolerance, especially after rejecting people with false opinions without further parley. For the last ten years, the public debate has focused on, with whom it is not appropriate to cooperate. This exclusion of people with “false” opinions is „better“ (mental) violence that is demonstrated by showing the middle finger on the image I attached to this article. Do my eyes see right that in the middle of the crowd is our former president Tarja Halonen?

Democratic Activity Astray

In the past, the contradictions were settled in a democratic process, as different world views were able to compete equally for support, that is, for usability. Things were driven by common sense, and people tried to find the most meaningful solutions to problems in regard of the functioning of society. Now everyone is trumpeting their opinions and subjective notions, because „I have the right“. In the name of tolerance, everyone should accept these concepts regardless how damaging they are to the functioning of society.

Before the election, a number of Green Leftist candidates held an open political event at Kaisa-house, which they called „Would you have a moment to discuss about hate speech“. They reported on Facebook about the event. Ilja Janitskin, who is known of his clear opinions and outspoken style, thanked the invitation and expressed his willingness to participate in the event. After a moment, he was notified by an organizer of the event that he was not invited.

Panu Huuhtanen, a candidate of the Reform Party took part in the event and filmed it without speaking out on the actual debate. The organizers of the event (MP candidates) were extremely disturbed by that. Using common sense one would have thought that the candidates would have been pleased of any kind of publicity that their event gets, and that they have the opportunity to express their views to larger public.

I watched the video from the beginning a small clip and I felt, as if the organizers were in mass psychosis. They blamed Panu Huuhtanen and other „hate speakers“ (persons, who question their opinions) for bullying, who always come to film their events and even take close-ups of the activists. Eventually, Panu Huuhtanen was removed from the event by police officers.

I thought it would be better for the candidates, who organized the event to leave politics to people, who tolerate criticism and are able to justify their viewpoints. And, apparently, even though communications professionals have removed the requirement of truth from the journalists‘ guidelines, or have given journalists the freedom to determine the truth according to prevailing trends, people who use common sense still rely on age-old truths that make up our moral backbone. None of the organizers of the event were elected.


It is incomprehensible that Finland, a country that emphasizes openness and democracy, has allowed to set up an institution such as the European Center of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats, which is completely beyond control of Finnish authorities. Followed by the establishment of the Hybrid Center, the Finnish Mediaunion (Mediapooli) was set up, which includes all mainstream media units, which are now committed to turn down all NATO and EU critical statements. Therefore, for example, Paavo Väyrynen, our most experienced politician and candidate and NATO and EU critic did not get any media coverage at all during the parliamentary elections. Immediately after the election, the Finnish MTV interviewed him.

Common Sense Gone Lost

Due to my inability to speak and my physical disability, I had difficulty getting into any kind of education in the early 1980s. However, I had a compelling need to learn new things. So I attended paid courses in summer university. The first course I attended was a course in philosophy of science. Many thought it was a joke, because the course was certainly not designed for an ignorant, uneducated and inexperienced person like me, who could not speak and had a severe physical disability.

Nevertheless, the course led me to the basic rules of logical thinking and conclusions. For example, if statements a and b are true, then the resulting conclusion c is also true. For example, it is known that humans and animals inhale oxygen and that it becomes carbon dioxide (CO2) in the body’s processes, which is then blown out when we exhale. This carbon dioxide produced by the body is a gas that plants bind to themselves in photosynthesis, producing sugars and oxygen. Animals and people live on the oxygen and food the plants produce. Conclusion: Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a vital gas for life.

We also know that in the history of mankind, no dictator who has oppressed his/her people has been able to mobilize citizens in a way that they have created welfare. After the First World War, the National Socialist Germany became the world’s leading industrial country in a few years under the guidance of Adolf Hitler. Conclusion: Adolf Hitler was not a dictator, who subjugated his people.


In my articles I have laid stress on the importance of common sense in our lives. In my mind, common sense is besides intuitive knowing also logical thinking that takes into account the rules of logic. Each claim is either true or false. The conclusion is true when it corresponds to external reality. We should draw truthful conclusions. This is also related to the sense of justice.

I would like to see the actions of all, especially our decision makers, guided by common sense. Some people think that common sense is a myth. It is certainly a myth for those who have no experience about it. They think that common sense is general knowledge in a society, non-verbal agreements, and generally accepted practices that have become stabled over time through the influence of individual egos. And because new egos are constantly evolving, who want to influence things and change practices, old common sense practices are overridden.

I have thought that the greatest merit of academic education is that people, who go through university education have more likely than those with lower education the capacity to multifaceted analytical thinking. However, this is no longer the case when universities and their policies and research are led by various kind of stories, which are rather determined by the feelings and personal convictions of researchers than objective facts.

People, who do not understand the simplest rules of logic, that means, who are not capable of independent, rational thinking are graduated from universities. They have herd mentality and go like sheeple after good stories. This is just as bad as the fact that some schoolchildren are illiterate at the end of elementary school, in other words are not able to raise over time and space.

Post-Truth Era Is Deception

Yuval Noah Harari, an Israeli historian and professor of history at the University of Jerusalem, is pondering, what is the crucial difference between humans and animals. What has had the greatest effect on the fact that man has become the lord of creation? When I listen to Mr Harari’s TED talk, I cannot ignore his background and the fact that he is a product of his own society, like the rest of us.

The first thing that draws my attention is his purely materialistic approach to things. He says that human superiority to animals is the imagination of people. This corresponds more or less to what I have learned that the most significant quality of humans is his ability to abstract thinking.

However, I cannot digest Mr Harari’s idea that the basis for people’s success is their ability to invent fictional stories that other people will adopt, which allow people cooperate extensively. I myself think that people have succeeded despite the fact that some people have invented fictional stories. There have always been enough people, who have been able to distinguish fact from fiction and promote sustainable development of things.

This has certainly required self-control and also, to some extent, living according to fictional stories without really accepting them. Criminal investigators do not disclose their cards until they are sure that they have enough evidence to convict criminals.

Noah Harari says that people have always wanted to believe in good stories rather than purely truth. In order to stay in power, the power elite must sooner or later resort to modified truth. This was what happened in the early stages of Christianity, when, according to Harari, Christians „closed themselves to a mythological bubble where no one dared question the truthfulness of the Bible“.

The legacy of Jesus was revolutionary, because he taught that every human being has a direct connection with God when he or she obeys the Spirit of God in his heart and does the will of God. In order to preserve its power, the elite had to invent a different story that held the masses under their control.

According to that story, Jesus spoke about life after death and the reward of life-long righteousness comes only after death when people live according to the rules of clergymen in touch with the Church. Jesus‘ simple teaching of the Kingdom of Heaven in the hearts of men was since then ruled by religion and church.

Despite the fact that people have been deceived for centuries, we can be confident, because the truth does not burn. Despite of massive deception attempts, structures based on modified truth will sooner or later fail.
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