From Crisis to Thriving



“In a world where the pace of confusion gathers the importance of sustaining a solid spiritual centre has never been more significant than today, when the structures that have been built to support people’s lives are collapsing and people find themselves more and more living at the mercy of nature. The light of the spirit shines through in Sirkka Hänninen’s writing. She leads us to the fundamental questions of life, which contain the seeds of balance and prosperity. Catastrophic events in life can lead to spiritual growth and with the new insights, people are able to see the light that conquers the darkness.”

John Wedlake,

When I wrote the book I was thinking about what kind of a book I would have needed 37 years ago when I was lying in hospital, totally paralysed and unable to speak. Back then I was asking myself, how can I develop and have success, when I have nothing? How do I find a sustainable ground for my life in chaos and emptiness?
I wanted to gather some thoughts that would help people focus in their lives and in the rehabilitation on the most significant things when they activate their inner resources.



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From Crisis to Thriving

Aus der Krise in die Blütezeit

Kriisistä kukoistukseen

من الأزمة إلى الإزدهار





Glow in the Darkness